Kinesiology-Tape for Kids

Though the most visible kinesiology tape users might be adult athletes and weekend warriors – a much smaller population is also benefiting from the advantages of this unique treatment – children. In our clinic we use kinesiology tape to complement our chiropractic treatments. Just as in adults, the use of kinesiology tape in children when applied to an area of the body can help to:

  • Increase blood circulation to the tissue under the taped area
  • Decrease swelling by raising the tissue and reliving pressure beneath the skin surface
  • Depending of the way its applied it can also help strengthen a weakened muscle by providing information from the skin and muscles to the brain to increase muscle activity
  • Decrease pain and muscle spasm

How can kinesiology tape help kids specifically?

  • Relief of Pain and Swelling – When applied to an injured or inflamed area, children can get some relief without having to take pain medication or sit through icing and therapy treatments.
  • Orthopedic Treatment – Children often do not understand the purpose or have the patience for rehabilitation exercises, so kinesiology tape provides an additional or alternative treatment option for children with orthopedic injuries, weak or underdeveloped muscles, gait abnormalities, paralysis and even poor posture.
  • Neuromuscular Disorders – The unique design of kinesiology tape, when applied in specific directions and tensions can activate weak muscles and inhibit overactive muscles. With a simple and safe taping application, children suffering from neuromuscular conditions like cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy could see improvements in symptoms and movement ability. It may also improve muscle tone in genetic disorders like Downs Syndrome and other conditions causing spasticity, atrophy or poor muscle tone, such as infantile torticollis (for more information on how chiropractors can treat infantile torticollis click here).

Kinesiology tape is a great option for children dealing with serious medical conditions, athletes or gait abnormalities. It is a colorful and painless treatment that can be worn for several days, even while playing and bathing, and can make a big difference in a child’s comfort level.

Kinesiology tape is also great for the young athletes with discomfort or pain while participating in their sport. Keep in mind that if your child is experiencing any aches or pains while playing they should be seen by a professional to determine what the cause of their discomfort is, prior to applying over the counter kinesiology tape.

When used appropriately, kinesiology tape is a safe and effective treatment option for both infants and children. If you would like to find out more information on kinesiology tape or to find out if your child could benefit from a kinesiology tape application, call our clinic today at 780-640-9488.